DIY Plant Wall Hanging

Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Monday guys! I just finished my third DIY and if you haven’t noticed I’m obsessed with making all the walls in my apartment feel pretty and unique. I was inspired by a DIY I had seen on Pinterest but wanted to tweak it to fit my sense of style. This plant wall hanging was super easy to make and can be modified to accommodate size and style that best fits your room!

First things first, the goods! I purchased all my supplies at Michaels.
1. 3 Wood Dowels (whatever width floats your boat)
2. 2-3 Different Fake Plants (this is where you can add your own style and flair)
3. Hemp

First I evenly layed out the wood dowels and strung hemp throughout adding knots along each side. Then I started to position the greenery I chose loose from the wall hang so I could play and move them around until I was happy with the arrangement. Once everything was where I wanted it, I two knots along the stems to hold them in place. 

AND TA DA! Finished! I loved how this DIY turned out, it adds so much warmth and life to my room! I'm not going to have much wall space left if I keep this up!

- Katie

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