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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hi friends,

As you know, spreading some amazing local love is what I do best. Here in Michigan, we kick ass. We create, inspire and grow our businesses. We love to support one another and spread all those positive vibes.

Today I am bringing you something perfect for all you busy babes. Parker Design's Rosa Pak is on my list of new favorites for you all.  The Rosa Pak is a vegan leather durable backpack that includes numerous pockets, a laptop sleeve, water bottle holders and many more compartments to hold all your daily items. Plus, it looks FREAKING AMAZING. I mean...how cute is this?

In first discovering this awesome KickStarter, I thought-who was the genius behind this beautiful backpack? Well, look no further than Taryn Kutches who is the co-founder of Parker Design and currently resides with her hubby Pete and daughter Parker on the west side of the state. Taryn had the idea spark for the Rosa Pak at a work event. She realized a majority of men carried backpacks when majority of women were shifting their overloaded tote bags from shoulder to shoulder. Later she searched and found nothing for women was on the market. And just like that, this beautiful Rosa Pak was born.

Coming from a girl who works in corporate America, runs a blog, not to mention a side business in skincare consulting... this product is beyond perfect for me. No sacrificing style over comfort here! It takes me from work, travel and everything in between.

So you can clearly see why I love this and want to shout it from the rooftops. However, this project needs your support. As part of a Kickstarter, backing amazing products like these are crucial. It gives Parker Design the support to put production in full force.

Here is the skinny on how you can give some local love to this amazing product:

1. Reserve your backpack now! 

Go here, and put your name on the list now. Want to hear something great? You will get $10 off your purchase too (no need to thank me but...). Not to mention, you wont be charged unless the project goes through. They are almost there and trust me, we all want this backpack!

2.  Pledge.

Don't want a backpack? Well that is just not okay. However, pledging to this amazing MI based company in any way helps too!

3. Connect with Parker Design, Co:

Instagram: @parkerdesignco
Facebook: @parkerdesign
Twitter: @parkerdesignco
Web: www.parkerdesignco.comwww.parkerdesignco.com

You know me guys and I wouldn't back something I didn't love. Take a peek at their site and see it for yourself.

More to come,

*Some images have been used with permission from Parker Design in relation with this post

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