"What The Hell Am I Doing?"

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

"What the hell am I doing?" was the first thought that went through my mind as I agreed on this awesome collaboration with trainer Elijah Smith of JABS Gym in Birmingham, MI.  I will be honest, I was never one to want a personal trainer. I truly thought "What is the point? I can do this myself."

Well that is one huge joke...

As some of my followers know, JABS Gym is one of my many stomping grounds around the Detroit area. The trainers are amazing, the classes kick my ass and the motivation is not one to be messed with. In chatting with Elijah I realized there is more potential than I give myself credit for in stepping up my fitness game. After attending his awesome classes and getting him know him better, I thought "why not?" Why not I challenge myself, try something new and something that will change myself for the better?

Elijah asked me what my goals are. That is a loaded question. If he only knew my goal is to eat pasta carbonara for every meal and manage to have a Kendall Jenner body. Okay okay... I really took this into consideration. Besides getting everything right and tight- I want this to be a mental progression as well. My friends know I live a crazy project manager life in corporate America as my full time job (in addition starting some more side hustle with skin care consulting!).

I am also one to get easily stressed and anxious over things. I felt this would be an amazing opportunity to challenge that as well. I am a spiritual person by nature so I always believe everything happens for a reason. And well, I feel this next month is meant to challenge and push me in ways I would have never expect both physically and mentally.

Photo: Instagram: @easysmitty

Yeah, that guy right there is Elijah. Pretty bad ass if you ask me. So here I go- with Elijah kicking my booty on a weekly basis I will bring you some amazing fitness insight/tips, photos, hilarious vlogs (probably of me dying at the gym) and healthy recipes from the expert himself.

Wish me luck,

*This post is in collaboration with personal trainer Elijah Smith and JABS Gym. All the thoughts, opinions and results are my own.
* Permission was granted to use all photo's and logo's for this business and collaboration

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