Hey there! I am Danielle. Also, go by "D" or "Danny Beats" or whatever you feel like calling me that day. I am a young professional in the Detroit area in the crazy world of corporate marketing strategy!

I was born and raised in the lovely town of Midland, Michigan. And no, it's not in the middle of the state. It's a cute little city about 1.5 hours straight north of Detroit. Post Midland days, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Got my degree in Health Communication and Business from GVSU and began my "adulting" journey. Fast forward more than half a decade and here I am. Living in Detroit, still wanting a Golden Retriever puppy and tearing up the world of blogging and wedding planning outside of my day job.

So what is Modish Mitten? Modish Mitten is my baby. It was created by two friends who were passionate about creating a fun outlet outside of their day job. I love talking about my life. Whether it's fun things to do around the state, fashion finds or even relationship questions . I talk about it all!

I hope you find this blog fun, inspiring and fabulous.

With love,

*Photo by Jesse David Green

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