Local Love: Ardent Ink

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Monday guys! We’ve found another amazing company that we would like to show some local love! Ardent Ink was started by Michigan artist, Neil Tasker. He used his design background to influence custom illustrations that are featured on products like hats, shirts, and stickers. Each clothing item features the best parts of Michigan along with Neil’s amazing illustration style that is sure to grab any outdoor enthusiast's attention! These products bring to life our passion for Michigan and all this beautiful state has to offer. Be sure to check out more of Neil's awesome illustrations and designs at ardent.ink 

We asked Neil to give us a little insight to how he started Ardent Ink and here’s what he said..

“Ardent Ink was founded on the idea that I could pair my fathers printing and embroidery business with my graphic design background. The name Ardent Ink comes from "ardent" meaning passionate and what I am most passionate about is arts related to ink. I am trained in Calligraphy and have used that art form as a big part of ardent ink. A lot of the work stems from my work with Ink and also love for the outdoors.”

Amazing photography by Ali Dixon. Check out more of her photos here!

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