Local Love: The Oddest Supply Co.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Original, unique, and expressive are all words to describe our latest Local Love. The Oddest Supply Co. is taking a new twist on Michigan wear. Founder and designer, Edgar Hernandez's approach to crafting this brand was to explore new experimental street wear that hasn’t been done before. His fresh take on design comes from inspiration that stretches beyond the mitten state to create this offbeat brand.

Danielle and I went to his 2016 Spring Collection launch at The Downtown Market Greenhouse to see what The Oddest was all about, and the vibes were as cool as the clothes. With a live DJ and cash bar, people started to gather. Before the night was over the whole room was filled with people and the new gear was going fast. Every piece of clothing and accessory was different, from contemporary and modern typography to graffiti-inspired tees. Check out the collection at theoddestco.com

We were able to connect with Edgar to gain some insight on how and why he started The Oddest Supply Co.

“The Oddest was born Fall 2014 and launched the first weekend of Artprize '14. The idea was to address Michigan-themed, Michigan-inspired and Michigan-made clothing because lets be honest, we didn't have (and we still don't have many) fashion-forward options, brands that are producing true and current style of out GR. However, we are not just a GR-themed company, we're not going to limit ourselves to just doing Michigan-themed apparel but of course we're going to focus primarily on our immediate surroundings and where we're from.

Inspiration comes from day to day activities living in downtown Grand Rapids from skateboarding, cycling, being out and about on the streets, West Michigan adventures (i.e. Lake Michigan) to staying connected and collaborating with other artists, musicians designers, brands and cultures locally AND all over the world.

The focus is to create products that are functional, current, unique and that will help enhance your own unique style. The Oddest wants to help you express yourself through style all while embracing the fact that we are a Grand Rapids, Michigan based independent company.” – Edgar Hernandez

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