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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hi friends-

With summer picking up, I am in full workout and health mode. I workout pretty often throughout the entire year but there is something about summer that kicks my butt to step up my game in the "healthy food" department and amp-up going to the gym. I typically go to the gym (shout-out to Jabs Gym) around 4-5x per week. To me, the hard part is the "eating" of any fitness routine. Finding something to snack on all while being a busy babe is something I struggle with.

I have asked a special guest to come on Modish Mitten and give us some her favorite recipes that are satisfying and perfect for summertime. Not only is she gorgeous, but has an A+ in the health and fitness department.

Take it away Shalie...

My name is Shalie Bireta, creator and amateur chef of #BIRETA BITES – food fueling fitness.
I grew up learning about the benefits of a natural, organic, and holistic lifestyle from my mother, a health teacher. I have come to nurture and value this lifestyle, finding myself to be fascinated by all aspects of health and wellness, but especially nutrition. I like to know exactly where food comes from and what it consists of, which has lead me to find deep satisfaction in the art of cooking. I am constantly trying new concoctions for meal prep, crock pot meals and healthy dessert alternatives!
Coming Soon... A COOKBOOK!  "Bireta Bites" - a compilation of 50 recipes that I’ve provided teasers to of over the years. More details to come!
Summer Bites below...

My personal mantra is PURSUE PASSION and over the past two years God has guided me towards furthering my involvement in the field of nutrition and one opportunity after another. I am currently working to obtain a Master Nutrition Certification from AFPA (American Fitness Professionals of America) that encompasses Nutrition and Wellness, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Holistic Health. I was blessed with the opportunity to begin working for Nell Nation Fitness earlier this year, a gym located in Lapeer, Michigan, assisting with aspects associated with nutrition.  I am also a distributor for AdvoCare, a health and wellness company that provides innovative nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products (most commonly known for "Spark" and "The 24-day challenge").

Ultimately, my goal is to help individuals hone healthy habits and teach them that “healthy shouldn’t have to be hard.”

Instagram: @shaliekae


Protein Packed Salmon Spinach Kale Dip 

·        2 cups Spinach  
·        2 cups Kale 
·        1 tbsp. Olive Oil  
·        4 oz. Smoked Salmon  
·        ¼ Red Onion 
·        1 tbsp. minced garlic 
·        ½ lemon; juiced  
·        Pinch worth of fresh dill  
·        1 cup plain Greek yogurt 
·        2 tbsp. fat-free cream cheese 

1.      Boil water. Add in the spinach/kale and let it boil (4-5 mins) until it begins wilting but is still bright green.  
2.      Drain greens and let cool.  
3.      With paper towel, press out excess water.
4.      Simultaneously sauté the garlic, onions, and olive oil for one minute until it begins browning. 
5.      Add chopped spinach in with garlic and onions. Sautee for another 2-3 mins.  
6.      Put the remaining ingredients except for the salmon into a food processor (or blender) and pulse until fully mixed.  
7.      After your creamy base has been created, mix HALF of the greens and pulse for a few seconds to mix.  
8.      Dice smoked salmon into small chunks. 
9.      Mix salmon into the dip mixture along with the remaining greens.  
10.   Depending upon personal preference, you can either stir with a spoon for a chunkier dip or process the dip for 5 secs for a creamier, consistent mix.  
11.   Refrigerate for a minimum of an hour before serving. (best when set overnight)

Blueberry Cheesecake Pops   
·        Blueberries   
·        32 oz. Plain Greek Yogurt   
·        SF/FF Cheesecake Pudding  

1. Mix one box of pudding into yogurt.   
2.  Let sit for an hour minimum, overnight if time allows.  
3. Load kabob sticks with blueberries. Cover with cheesecake yogurt and freeze for 1+ hour before serving.  

(Laying skewers across edges of dish is better than laying on a plate. The yogurt will freeze to the plate.)

Charred and Cheesy Asparagus  
·        1 lb. Asparagus
·        1 package Lean Jenny O Turkey Bacon
·        Plain or Garlic Goat Cheese
·        Mrs. Dash Salt Free Garlic and Onion Seasoning

1.      Wash asparagus and cut off split ends.
2.      Lay turkey bacon across cutting board.
3.      Cut small chunks of goat cheese and crumble across the center of slices of bacon.
4.      Carefully (so the turkey bacon does not split) spread cheese evenly, cover each slice. I found it best to use my fingers for pressing, rather than a knife, considering how pliable each piece is before being cooked.
5.      Wrap bacon slices around asparagus spears with the plain side facing outside. If slices are struggling to stay wrapped, spear with toothpick.

6.      Cook on hot charcoal grill for 10-15 or until spears have softened but not become mushy.  Also, can bake at 400 degrees for 15-25 mins depending on personal preference and oven cooking tendencies. 

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