Local Love: Chasing the Star Premiere

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hi everyone-

 I recently shared a pretty special moment with one awesome Michigander. I have known Bret Miller, director of, Chasing the Star, for the past few years now. It's not every day where someone you know heads out west to follow their dreams of directing a large film! This film has been playing across the state and I was lucky enough to be invited to the Grand Rapids Premiere last month at the UICA. This venue is not only perfect for this type of event, but you could tell how proud the cast and crew were that this film came to life.

This movie was filmed in Mid-Michigan and Arizona this past winter, Chasing The Star was produced by Collective Development Incorporated, a Lansing Michigan production company.
Chasing The Star gives a unique perspective to the biblical genre. The film covers the story of the three Magi, or Wise Men, as they search for the foretold prophecy of Jesus. Through each character's journey you see individual battles and struggles unfold.

About Bret:
Besides being someone I truly adore, Bret is one talented Michigander and proud Spartan Alumni. Throughout directing and contributing to all sorts of projects (big and small) he has managed to make a strong name and effort on the focus of the film industry to our lovely Mitten.

My Thoughts:

I am no movie critic but I must say I was impressed and very intrigued. The plot was very interesting and something I would never expect coming from a "Biblical" genre movie. The history mixed with the story line is very well put together and played. It truly captured my attention and the need to find out "what happens next!!"

More to come,

More Information:



All Photos taken by Austen Ezinga.

*Bret- keep kicking ass my friend. Cheers to more films and adventures to come.

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