My Hydrafacial Experience

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello friends,

Today I am sharing my first hydrafacial experience. I have wanted to get one for a while but always doubted on if they "really help." I was hesitant to get this done but I am so happy I did. Holy crap! My skin has never looked better even after one treatment. From our past "winter skin" post, you know I have been loving Tribute Salon & Spa located in Brighton, MI. This spa is not only b-e-a-utiful, but their staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I worked again with my esthetician Jamie Evans, she is amazing. This is my second treatment from her and I can' t wait to go back again for another one!

Check out below to see my experience and the benefits of this treatment.

More to come,

Hydrafacial 101:

1. Cleanse
2. Peel
3. Extract
4. Hydrate

1. This is similar to a Microderm but much less abrasive
2. Resurfaces the skin
3. Lightens pigmentation
4. Calms inflammation caused by acne
5. Hydrates and nourishes
6. Removes blackheads and dirt build up
7. Leaves skin tighter and more firm

My Questions Answered:

Q: Does it hurt?
A: No. Getting this done does not hurt at all. I will be honest, the "extraction" process doesn't feel relaxing but nothing painful or not tolerable. Everyone's pain tolerance is different so I can only speak for myself. This is meant to be a treatment so keep that in mind.Some areas on my face are more sensitive than others, so when those pores are being opened and cleaned, I know it's all worth it.

Q: What does it feel like?
A:The best way I can describe the feeling is like having a small toothbrush on your face exfoliate and suck all that dead skin and dirt away.

Q: Do you actually see the difference?
A: Hell to the yes. I saw the results more a few days after. My pores and blackheads instantly went away and shrank! This week my skin is glowing and feels absolutely incredible. As you saw in my vlog, Jamie showed me what came out of my skin. I actually saw the blackheads floating around...EW!!!!

Q: How often should you get this done?
A: I asked Jamie this question. Clearly everyone's skin needs are different so the "needed" amount will vary. At the very least, get one done every season.

Q: Can I wear makeup the same day? Will I be red all day?
A: I wore makeup that night and it went on beautifully. I was not red or irritated at all.

Q: How long does this take? Will I be there for hours and hours?
A: No, it will not take hours on hours. For me, I was there for a solid hour. This included the waiting time getting all situated with the machine etc.

*Special thanks to Tribute Salon and Spa and Jamie Evans for the amazing experience. I will be back soon!

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