Easy DIY Holiday Decor

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Good morning-

Today I am sharing some fun and easy DIY decor for the upcoming Holiday season! These projects are simple, trendy and very affordable. My inspiration comes from browsing online and heading into stores like Home Goods and Pier One. 

If you are like me, I find DIY's that I know I can do. We all dread those "DIY fails" right? Nothing frustrates me more than buying lots and lots of supplies to end up with a big and ugly mess! Well, have no fear because these are extremely do-able and won't break the bank. 

Tip: Google the crap out of coupons. Stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby always have amazing sales and online coupons to use! I noted the cost of each project below to give you an idea of how little I actually spent! Who doesn't love a good deal?

More to come,

1. Reindeer Glitter Canvas

What you'll need:

- Glitter paper of your choice (Gold, Red, Green, Silver etc.)
- Canvas (size of your choice, I used a smaller 8x10 one)
- Mod Podge
- Hot glue gun
- Foam brush
- Reindeer printout (for tracing)


1. Google an outline of a reindeer or any Christmas item you would like. I also did a tree and loved the way it turned out.
2. Once printed, carefully cut out the image until.
3. Flip your glitter paper over (white side up) and trace the image on the paper
4. Carefully cut the image out of your glitter paper
5. Line up where you want the cutout on the canvas. 
6." Modge podge" that glitter image onto he canvas. It may take a few layers. Be sure to let dry in between each layer TIP: If the modge podge isn't working, hot glue that sucker on.
7. Find a cute space to place your new masterpiece! 

Total Cost: $15.00
Canvas $9.00 (pack of 2)
Glitter Paper $4.00 (pack of 2)
Modge Podge (Already had)
Foam Brushes $3.00 (pack of 4)

2. Festive Mason Jars  

What you'll need:

- Mason Jars (3)
- Spray paint (Christmas color's of your choice, I did green, gold and red)
- Faux holly, branches
- String/ribbon


1. Take your mason jars and spray paint them accordingly. My gold went on with one layer. However, the green and red took some time. Make sure you are far enough a way so the paint doesn't drip down the jar. (oops!)
2. As those jars are drying, layout what you want in each one, Michaels had this amazing section of perfectly sized faux branches, pine cones, holly etc. Each were 50% off the day I went. Very cheap and so much selection. No need to measure and cut long pieces!
3. If your jars are dry and you have the opaque-ness you desire, place all your items in each jar
4. Cut string and tie around the top of each jar. I used a variety pack I already had from Michaels.
5. Place this somewhere to admire. I love this as a table centerpiece! 

Total Cost: $21.00
Jars $0.00 (already had these)
String $0.00 (already had this too)
Faux Holly/Branches $11.00   (I bought around 14 varying from 50-74 cents ea.)
Spray paint  $10.00

3.. DIY Wreath

What you'll need:

- Plain wreath
- Filler items such as lights, bows, pine cones etc. (make it your own!)
- Flexible wire
- Battery pack lights


For the wreath, carefully adhere (with the wire) all the pieces you want. Ensuring they are equally spaced throughout. Lastly, place the lights on the wreath around as you desire.

Total Cost: $25.00
Wreath $6.00
Lights $8.00
Filler items $11.00 (variety of items)

Comment below or message us your fave DIY holiday projects! 

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