VLOG: Weekend in the Wilderness

Friday, August 05, 2016

Good morning-

I may be exaggerating when I say “wilderness” but hauling my booty to the middle of nowhere Michigan for a few days could be considered somewhat scary. Each year, my friends and I do our annual camping trip in Baldwin, MI. Before I go on, I will start by saying I do not take any credit for starting this tradition. My boyfriend (way back in the day) started this annual trip with his high school friends. Throughout the years came new relationships and friends to join in on the fun.

When Sam first asked me to come on this trip back in 2012, I thought he was kidding. “Who me? Camp? In the woods? With no power?” Apparently I gave off a faux “outdoorsy” vibe because little did he know my idea of “camping” was sipping a glass of Pinot Grigio outside on an uncomfortably hot day. Setting my thoughts (and maybe fears) aside while allowing my feelings for him take over, I agreed. Flash forward 4 years and I can truly say I LOVE going on this weekend adventure. We may be “roughing” it to some, but there is no other people I would rather sit around the fire and cram into a few tents with.

I consider myself quite girly and if any of you ladies are like me, I tend to over pack and over prepare.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a few items that make my weekend much more manageable and bring along my camera for some good laughs.

My favorite Spots
Bowmans Bridge- Baldwin, MI
Tawas State Park- Tawas, MI
Grand Haven State Park- Grand Haven, MI
Ludington State Park- Ludington, MI

What I Pack/My Tips:
        Invest in a Good Sleeping Bag & Tent: You are already on the ground…in the middle of nowhere. At least make yourself comfortable.

    Bring Baby Wipes: They can do wonders on making you feel clean with 0 showers around you.
       Pack lots of  Headbands, Hats, Dry Shampoo: I swear by these- especially for my curly hair. It makes my “birds nest” of a bun not as horrific looking.

             Organize With Large Storage Bins:  Katie made fun of me the first year I went camping because I came down to the living room of our first apartment with 2 storage bins of “supplies”. I swear this makes everything easier . I always fill one with toilet paper, first aid kit, my cooking items etc.

           Have a Good Cooler (or two): With 0 ways to keep dinner/lunch stuff cold you have to make sure your cooler is high-quality enough to sustain the heat of those summer days/nights.

       Make Easy Meals: Don't make this complicated. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and plenty of snacks! I've experienced first hand when 20 something people are "Hangry".

Stay Safe and Hydrated: Enough said. 

More to Come,

        *To my "O-Zone Rangers" near, far and unable to join this past weekend- You guys are probably the best around and I could never survive weekends like these without you.The unlimited amounts of friendship will never get old. #YOCOA

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