DIY: Lemon Canvas Print

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hi everyone-

Thought I would share a little DIY that is extremely easy and inexpensive. I thought my office could use a little "pick me up" and this canvas art is just the thing to brighten up any space. Fruit prints are pretty popular and something that adds a little fun. You can use this for your office, bedroom, bathroom, whatever you please.

More to come,

What You'll Need:
-Canvas (any size you prefer)
-2 Citrus fruit (I used lemons, but oranges or limes would work as well)
-Ink pad 
      Helpful hints: Do not use paint. Paint won't show the details of the citrus fruit and create globs. Also, choose a ink color that will show up on your canvas.  The brighter the better! 
-Newspaper or scrap paper to lay down
-Paper Towels


1. Cut the fruit right down the middle. Make sure your cuts are as even as possible. This allows for even stamping
2. Dab the lemons on a paper towel as best as possible to get rid of any juice. Let them sit for a little bit (15-20 minutes)
3.  Determine how you want to space them on your canvas. I did three rows (not the most even) but think about how you want it to look prior stamping
4. Dip your lemon into the ink. Fully press down and repeat until you see the ink is all over the fruit. The lemon I used still was wet so I had to press down a few times into the ink.
5. Take the lemon and press it on the canvas for about 2-5 seconds. Push around the edges so all the fruit touches the canvas.
6. Repeat as desired and let dry.

Here is video for your enjoyment as well!

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