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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Happy Friday!

Summer is here and we couldn't be more excited. What does summer mean to you? More time spent on the beach in your bathing suit? Whatever it may be, we want to spring into this season with feeling (and looking) amazing. I (Danielle) will admit that I love a good workout. It’s huge stress reliever for me and something I look forward to on most mornings. However, I am no trainer, therefore, I am going to turn it over to our friend Brittni (pictured above). She is one gorgeoous and badass trainer who graciously is sharing her tips with us! Take it away B...

How is it that every year bikini season seems to creep up on us time and time again? Fear not because this year is going to be different! While summer days and nights seem to already be upon us, here’s a few of my favorite workout and and simple diet tips that won’t make you want to run for the hills and can help you to get the body you’ve always dreamed of - or at the very least get into last years daisy dukes!

Something I tell all of my clients when starting a new diet plan is to BE PREPARED! There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and staring into a fridge full of food but no pretty little pre-made meals in plastic containers waiting to be packed into my Thirty-One lunch bag. I get a little panicky about what the heck I’m going to do for lunch and haven’t made breakfast or had my first sip of coffee - this stress is completely and utterly avoidable! So make your life easy and pick a day of the week when you know you have at least 2 hours to dedicate to meal prep. While it may seem like a burden at the time, your future fit self will thank you when:

A) you don’t have to spend money eating out for lunch B) you can sleep for a precious 10-15 more minutes that would otherwise be spent packing food for the day C) you start seeing the results of your hard work paying off

As many of you know, getting into shape is at least 80% diet and only 20% exercise. That being said., your activity level does have HUGE impact on how your body metabolizes food as well as the amount of food that it needs to function efficiently. For example, I run 3-4 days/week and aim for 2 days/week lifting weights in the gym . I allow myself to loosen up a little on the weekend with a cheeseburger, beer and maybe an ice cream cone if that’s where the wind blows! With any diet, I recommend a cheat meal at least once every 2 weeks to give your body a boost (as well as your mind)! Just as long as you stick to your guns the rest of the week.

Here’s a sample menu for a typical day in the life of Brittni - student, runner, trainer, fiance (wedding planner), and domestic housewife in training:

Breakfast: ¼ cup steel cut oats (dry) + handful of my favorite berries and chopped pecans + 1 whole egg 1 white
Morning Snack: Kind Bar or an apple with natural peanut butter
Lunch: Small chicken breast on top of spinach + ¼ cup black beans + ½ cup of brown rice + ¼ avocado + Bolthouse farms cilantro avocado dressing (My personal favorite!) and salsa
Afternoon Snack: 1 scoop of vanilla whey + unsweetened vanilla almond milk + spinach + half a banana or strawberries
Dinner: 4 oz salmon + 1 cup of asparagus + ¼ avocado + small side salad usually arugula, feta, and cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette

Quick Tips:
Avoid carbs at night. Try not to eat more than 2 servings of fruit per day; instead, snack on veggies - they’re free! Pay attention to your beverages; limit alcohol to the weekends or special occasions and avoid sugary mixers like juices or pops. No sugar or cream in your coffee! Drink lots of H20!  Try buying a fun water bottle and aim to drink 3/day (~80oz).

As far as workouts go, don’t start out too aggressively or set your goals too high. If you are unrealistic about how many days of the week you think you can set aside for exercise, that will set you up for failure and ultimately discourage and hold you back. You also don’t want to put your body at risk of injury by doing too much too fast. If you are new to working out try starting off with 2 days per week in the gym and 2 days per week of physical activity of any kind . This could mean walking your dog or even hardcore cleaning your apartment/house! Workout classes and personal trainers are also super effective for keeping you on track and motivated for success.

Make your fitness and your happiness a priority. Your exercise should be something you enjoy and time you take for yourself. You will be a happier person with more energy to get through your days. I recommend trying to get your workouts in the morning because it sets up your day for success! Remember this - “If it doesn’t challenge you, It doesn’t change you,” my fiance’s favorite quote that has stuck with me through many of my challenges in life! Making a lifestyle change is not easy and you definitely have to want it for yourself. There are tons of resources out there that can help you to figure out the plan that works best for you and fits into your lifestyle so that you can reach your fitness goals. Don’t hesitate to contact me via email with your nutrition or fitness questions or concerns :)

Fire up!
Brittni Rasche, CSCS, CES, SPT
Email: Trainerize: Fitness with B (

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