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Friday, February 12, 2016

Hello friends-

I have been obsessed with simple tees involving clever quotes. This shirt trend is crazy popular and every day I want to stock my closet with more and more! These shirts are super fun and easy to pair with a cardigan, flannel, leather jacket…pretty much anything. 

See my top finds in all price ranges below (links provided),

1.      Champagne for Breakfast. Thug Life Shirts, $27.95

3.      Beer, Lime & Sunshine. Lulu’s¸$58.00 

4.      Nope, Target, $14.99

5.      Rose’ All Day, Lulu’s, $52.00 

6.      Ashley to my Mary-Kate, NastyGal, $48.00

 *All images belong to the respective company websites.

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