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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy New Year friends! Cheers to 2016! We want to dedicate this post to our resolutions and share the details of our night out (or in) as we rang in the New Year! First things first, resolutions. Let’s be honest, we all have the same thoughts…be fit, travel more, spend less money, etc. Don’t we all have our minds set on exercising until we look like Gigi Hadid and travel to our hearts’ content? We at Modish Mitten thought long and hard about what we wanted to accomplish in 2016. We thought if we shared these with you, it would motivate us to stick to our resolutions.


1. Create More, Worry Less -I love to cook, craft and try new things. However, the worry of the outcome sometimes drives me insane. I always have the fear of failure. Big or small…I always want everything to be “perfect” (clearly I am a project manager for a reason). I want to challenge myself to keep creating new things and stress less about the results. Whether it’s an idea at work or a new crazy recipe, I want to enjoy each step of the way and not cause too many pre-mature wrinkles.

2. Ignore Those “First World Problems” -There are many days after work where I go into a rant about these so called first world problems. Whether it be complaining about needing more clothes or a long vacation; I want to challenge myself to focus on what’s truly important. This year I will continue to find methods to de-stress and focus on things (big or small) that I am truly grateful for. I have learned the hard way that life is too short to be unappreciative and sweat the small stuff. #Blessed

3. Stop Comparing and Do What’s Good For Me -I have told many people this but I truly believe that we as millennials get fixated on comparing ourselves to one another. Whether it be comparing jobs, relationships, wardrobes…it can get exhausting. I catch myself doing this a lot; sometimes I don’t even realize that I am doing it! With this resolution, I want to remind myself that I am doing what’s best for me and use others’ success as motivation. Enough said.


1. DIY once a month- I’m always scouring the web for new thrifty ways to update a space or transform those eyesores into something new and beautiful but when it comes down to actually tackling these projects, I bail. This year is different; this year I plan to create or DIY one project a month. DIY-ing is a great way to gain new skills and knowledge. It provides opportunities to improve problem-solving skills along with feeling empowered that you created something on your own!

2. Practice Mindfulness -What is mindfulness? It is a state of active, open attention on the present. This year I want to focus less on what the future may look like and put more attention on my present. I spend so much time trying to figure out what the future holds that I completely miss what’s going on right in front of me. I want to exercise my soul, for lack of a better word. This means trying new things and being more active whether it’s exercising or getting outside. Here’s to a new year of new experiences that bring joy, happiness, and laughter to my life!

Now for the glam…what we did to ring in the New Year. We linked all the good stuff below. Enjoy!


Where: Detroit Dinner: Small Plates Detroit
Yummmm... I am getting hungry thinking about this place! Small Plates is a tapas style restaurant with a modern, unique atmosphere. The drinks were poured perfectly and the menu had something that suited everyone. It was extremely tasty and I will be heading back very soon! (I recommend the tenderloin and any one of their signature cocktails!)

Party: The Fillmore
This party was awesome. Not only is The Fillmore beautiful, but each level had multiple bars, appetizer stations, and the dance floor was pretty dang good. Our tickets came with VIP access and 9-10 drink vouchers. We ate, sipped and danced the night away.

Dress: Lulus | find it here.
Shoes: Lulus (they don’t sell the ones I wore anymore) | similar ones here.
Jewelry: Bauble Bar | find it here.
Bag: H&M | find it here.
Company: The boyfriend (Sam) and a few good friends.


Where: Grand Rapids

What a great place to dine! The Kitchen has everything you crave including made-from-scratch comfort food to authentic global staples. My boyfriend and I started out with the house sangria (I highly recommend) and shared crispy calamari for an appetizer. Then we worked our way into a food coma with the rigatoni bolognese and chicken lo mein. If you’re looking for an amazing atmosphere and even more amazing food, this is the place for you!

After Dinner outfit: PJs…with fuzzy socks…in bed

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