DIY Black & White Abstract Painting

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So my first DIY project was a success! I have always been inspired by the inquisitive and emotional response that comes with abstract artwork. As a graphic designer, I often don’t get my hands dirty working with supplies and material like paint, so this was an exciting departure from my norm. Starting was the hardest part, but once I let go of any expectations of what it “should” look like, that’s when the fun began!

Here are some takeaways from my first DIY.

1. Have a variety of brushes. This will give you some great dimension and different textures.

2. Acrylic paint is great for beginners, like myself. I went with a matte black/gray and LOVED IT!

3. Look for some inspiration online to get those creative juices flowing, but don’t try to copy a piece exactly. These kinds of projects get the best results when you’re just having fun without expectation of a “perfect” painting.

4. Always have extra sheets of paper for those “Oh Shit!” moments.

5. And lastly, turn on some tunes, grab a glass of wine, and have FUN!

- Katie

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