Summer Weekends at Home

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hi there-

A lot has been going on these weekends in the summer. Up north, seeing family & friends, weddings etc. Finally, Sam and I have a weekend HOME. Yes, you heard that right. No weddings, no engagement parties, no showers, no big plans. As much as I am obsessed celebrating people I love, it's always nice to have a free weekend. 

I wanted to come on here and share a little bit of my life when we have a free weekend at home during the summer. 

Kicking It In The Kitchen:
You know this one..I LOVE to cook. This is our time to stay in for a meal or two and try a new recipe. Cookbooks I am loving this summer:

True Roots, Kristin Cavallari

Thoughts: Simple, pure, and amazingly tasty. Her "dark chocolate zucchini blondies" are my favorite!

Date Night In, Ashley Rodriguez

Thoughts: Fun & perfect for all seasons. The chicken wing recipe...enough said. Fire up that grill. 

Hitting Up Downtown:

Concert Season:
One thing I am STOKED about this Chevy's Rockin' on The Riverfront. I was given the opportunity to team up with this event downtown Detroit on Friday evening & couldn't be more excited. Whether you are a rock n' roll fan or someone who just loves live music, this event is for you! Throughout the summer, they have concerts on Friday nights with a great selection of classic rock artists. 

-When: Friday, July 13
-Where: Detroit Riverfront
-Who: Vince Neil of Motley Crue
-Price: drum-roll.... FREE! 

Sports Galore:
Who doesn't love a good Tigers game? I always say you don't have to love baseball to love a Tigers game. The environment alone in Comerica Park is outstanding. Beer, brats and sunshine..what more could you ask for. The best part is that Tigers games work for those on a budget too. Bleacher seats are extremely cheap and still such a great view!

*Modish Tip: Hit up Greektown before to save that cash on beer and food. "Pappy's" is my #1 spot for a cold drink and yummy pizza prior hitting the ballpark!

Shameless TV Binge:
Does anyone else get ticked when it rains on the ONLY days you have off work? Since I won't be boating or trying to become a "pro' golfer, I stick to working on my side gigs, running errands and catching up on my favorite shows. Some of the ones I am currently watching:

- Boy Meets World: Yes, I have watched the entire series but my dearest fiance' has not. Can you believe that? He didn't even grow up knowing the love of Cory and Topanga.
- The Bold Type: Hell the yes. This is my favorite show currently airing. Three NYC savvy ladies conquering the world one day at a time. 
- World of Dance: Besides gushing over my girl Jenna Dewan, this is such a fun show to watch. So many talented dancers on such a high stakes level.
- The Bachelorette: Nothing to say here. #TeamGarrett

More to come,

*this post was partly sponsored by Chevy's Rockin' On The Riverfront. All the opinions are my own

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