A Summer Shopping "Diet"

Friday, June 01, 2018

Hello there,

My first topic of summer is a shopping diet. Shopping diet? To me, that sounded worse than a food diet! As my friend Kate and I got to talking one morning, we realized that not only would this be good for our bank accounts, but also maybe help with a little self control. This effort to buy less and save more is so easy for some, but me in the blogger world, it can be the biggest challenge ever. We want photos, "need" new cute trends for summer...the list goes on. If you are like me, then sometimes those morning online shopping sprees can add up. I am here to give you my goals for the summer and tricks to help spend less, save more all while still looking as fabulous as you can be.

The Tips & Tricks:

1. Know what you need
...but I need that new romper and blouse and shoes right? Each spring I clean out my closet (next bullet) and evaluate what I need and don't need. Seeing stains on your white tee, then head to Old Navy, H&M, or Target and snag yourself a new one. Fun fact, I HATE when people spend lots of money on plain basics. I have a rule that if it's over $10.00 for a plain white tee...Danielle is not buying it! Once you take a peek at your worn goods- you'll know what get's tossed and what you need to freshen up.

2. Clean out that dresser
Like I mentioned before, not only is this soothing to me but you can make money off of your old clothes. I tend to Instagram sales and most of the time it pays off. I go through my closet and dresser. Throw out old gross workout items, tees and then try and sell off dresses I've worn a bunch or some summer shorts that don't fit my booty anymore (no shame!). Don't forget to check out all those selling apps and consignment stores as well. Do. Your. Research. In the end you can use this money towards some fun new purchases.

3. Shop with in your friends closet
This is key for big events. Fun fact, Sam and I got invited to 11 weddings this year. We can only attend 9 due to overlapping dates but HOLY CRAP! Lots of fun times ahead but that doesn't mean you need 9 new dresses. I go to my friends closets for these. If you have good girl friends, they will let you shop their wardrobe anytime! I also dabbled in Rent The Runway. For those of you who have tried it, it's amazing for special events as well.

4. Be online savvy 
Real talk, those daily emails can be annoying but you are also in the know for all the flash sales. I find complete joy in googling promo codes and using my Honey computer app. Honey (for those who don't know) is a web app that searches for old and new promo codes when you check. 99.9% of the time I am getting money off! I got a bridesmaids dress for a wedding I am for over $100 bucks off. You can thank me later!

5. Put away an allowance & reward
This is something Kate and I agreed on. We will be having our adult piggy banks handy and putting away money for an end of summer mini-spree! Who doesn't love shopping with one of your best girlfriends all guilt free?

Happy Saving,

*Photo by Alleigh Chrzan

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